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Product name Supplier Web page No
High sensitive lipid droplets imaging fluorescent dye
Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FNA) 80682
Specifically bind to each laminin receptor
Laminin Receptor Specific Peptide : AG73, A208, C16, A3G756
(KGP) 80630
Funa Colony Sheet Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FTP) 80602
b-Block / h-Block / k-Block / c-Block
Blocking Solutions for Western Blot and ELISA
Beacle, Inc.(BEA) 80489
Next generation of smear preparation reagent
Smear Gell
GenoStaff Co.,Ltd.(GNS) 80449
96 well microplate for easy alignment of zebrafish
ZF Plate
(HDK) 80394
Signal Enhancer for Immunohistochemistry
Signal Booster Immunostain
Beacle, Inc.(BEA) 46149