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Cell Culture

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Product name Supplier Web page No
Stretchy covering film for labo goods : Labopita Cell Science & Technology Institute, Inc.(KSK) 81178
Ready to use laminin-511 fragment : Easy iMatrix-511 series (MAX) 81116
Let's go "Cyto-Seeing" - Reversible cytoplasm blue fluorescent dye Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FNA) 81015
Cells and Tissues Live Transport Device : iP-TEC (SPR) 80948
Avoiding contamination from cryotubes through liquid nitrogen
NIPRO CELL GATCH ; Cryotube Protective Pouch
Cell Science & Technology Institute, Inc.(KSK) 80659
Membrane potential-sensitive
Ap3 : Non-fluorescent SHG-Imaging dye
Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FNA) 80646
Peptide-base Protein Transfection Reagent for Cells
"Prote-in" Transfection Reagent
(HYG) 80517
Low Endotoxin Gelatins from Porcine Skin Nippi, Inc.(NIP) 80478
Next generation of smear preparation reagent
Smear Gell
GenoStaff Co.,Ltd.(GNS) 80449
Best quality Blasticidin S at attractive price
Blasticidin S
Kaken Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(KNF) 80425
Cellular Thermoprobe for Fluorescence Ratio Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FNA) 80405
Cellular Thermoprobe for Fluorescence Lifetime Funakoshi Co.,Ltd.(FNA) 80404
Cell culture bag that has great ability of gas permeability
NIPRO Cell Culture Bag
Cell Science & Technology Institute, Inc.(KSK) 80156