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Terms and Condition

  • Merchant name
    Funakoshi Co., Ltd. 9-7 Hongo, 2-Chome, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
  • Telephone number
  • Fax Number
  • Scope of our services
    Limited to exportation for the customers outside Japan
  • Selling prices
    Unless otherwise specified they are in USD.
    Prices shown on this web site are for customers in US and Canada.
    If you are not US / Canada customer, please contact distributor in your country or Funakoshi directory.
  • Fees other than product prices
    Unless otherwise specified at the time of the quotation, shipping charges, VAT, import tariffs, and service charges etc are not included.
  • Payment method
    a. advance payment by remittance to our bank account or checks are acceptable;
    b. credit cards ;
    Visa, Master card, Amex, JCB, Diners club are acceptable; In case of the credit card, the exchange rate on the date of the credit card payment applies and billed by local currency.
  • Shipment of products
    We usually ship our products by FedEx, EMS, and Pelican Express etc after confirming the settlement of the payment.
    However if we do not have enough inventory we will let you know the expected shipping schedule by e-mail etc.
  • Quality
    We pay extra attention to maintaining the quality.
    Please check the products upon delivery against shipping documents and inform us of any problem within 48 hours after the delivery.
  • Return policy
    Basically we do not accept any returns or exchanges, however we will respond promptly with below claims:
    *Wrong products were shipped;
    *Any damage, defect etc is found in the products;
  • Remedies and Limitations
    Should any product fail to perform as warranted or for any other claims arising from the purchase of products from us, our liability and your remedy are strictly limited to the purchase price or replacement, at our sole option, of the product sold.
  • Restriction on usage of the products
    They are restricted to research use only
  • Privacy policy
    We shall take the utmost care in preventing the disclosure, loss or damage of your personal information according to the personal information protection guidelines. For the further information on the personal information protection guidelines, please visit our web site: