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Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitor Minosaminomycin

Date:February 25 2021Web Page No:95012

Minosaminomycin: Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitor


[Date : May 15 2021 00:24]

Detail Product Name Product Code Supplier Size Price
Minosaminomycin <Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitor>
02872 IMCInstitute of Microbial Chemistry 1 mg $500

Storage 4°C CAS 51746-09-9

[Date : May 15 2021 00:24]

Minosaminomycin <Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitor>

  • Product Code: 02872
  • Supplier: IMC
  • Size: 1mg
  • Price: $500

Storage 4°C CAS 51746-09-9


Code No.02872
Molecular FormulaC25H46N8O10
Molecular Weight618.689
SourceStreptomyces sp. MA514-A1
AppearanceWhite powder
Purity> 90% (HPLC)
Long Term Storageat - 20 °C
SolubilitySoluble in MeOH, DMSO, H2O. Insoluble in Hexane

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Application Note

Minosaminomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic structurally related to kasugamycin which obtained from the culture filtrate of Streptomyces sp. MA514-A1.1,2) It is active against Mycobacterium including M. tuberclosis.1) Minosaminomycin inhibits protein synthesis in Escherichia coli cell-free system.3)

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1) Minosaminomycin, a new antibiotic containing myo-inosamine. Hamada M,et al. J Antibiot. 1974 27(1) 81-83.
2) Structure of minosaminomycin. Iinuma K, et al. J Antibiot. 1975 28(8) 613-615.
3) Biochemical study of minosaminomycinin relation to the kasugamycin group antibiotics. Suzukake K,et al. J Antibiot. 1977 30(2) 132-140.

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