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Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principles

Funakoshi Co., Ltd., through its life science associated business activities, recognizes actions to legal compliance and environmental safeguard as one of its most important social objects, and promotes a global environment, protection of resources and the pollution prevention and plans continuous improvement of quality of environmental safeguard activities.


  1. Establishes a structure and necessary internal standard, to comply with "Deleterious Substance Control Law", "PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Law" and relevant Japanese environmental legislation and regulations, and also with other requirements to which we subscribe, and makes efforts for the pollution prevention.
  2. Goes on the continuous improvements in such important points as the pollution prevention, reduction of waste, energy saving and promotion of recycling, in all activities in its business establishments.
  3. Establishes environmental objectives and targets and carries out environmental management system audits and reviews, and makes efforts for maintenance and improvement of environmental management system.
  4. Educates the environmental policy, importance of legal compliance and importance of a global environment to all employees in its business establishments and aims at contribution to area environment, not only in its business establishments.
  5. Establishes environmental management project team and continuously improves quality of environmental safeguard activities. This policy is documented and available to the public.

Institution : October 2, 2006
Last updated : October 20, 2009
Funakoshi Co., Ltd.
Ryoya Funakoshi, Ph.D.
President and CEO