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For suppliers of life science research products (reagents, instruments and services) Business development

Date:July 07 2020Web Page No:95014

We are looking for suppliers manufacturing innovative life science research products. If you are the supplier and looking for a distributor in Japan,
Please contact us: develop@funakoshi.co.jp
We only distribute RUO products and cannot distribute IVD products.

Who we are: A leading distributor of life science research reagents and instruments

Tokyo-based FUNAKOSHI is a distributor of life science research reagents and instruments with more than 50 years of experience. We have approximately 140 employees including persons with Master of Science and Ph.D., which enable us to make strong sales, technical support, marketing, etc. to our customers. Funakoshi ranks very high in customer support and scientific competence which is one of our key success in this industry. Here we would like to briefly introduce our strengths.

Strong promotion and marketing systems

We are proud of our strong marketing system which enables us to effectively promote Supplier’s products all over Japan. Below is the overview of individual promotion activities.
Our sales network including regional sub-dealers comprehensively covers potential customers in life science research, e.g. National Universities, Japanese Governmental Laboratories, Research Medical Hospitals, Public Organization Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Companies. Thus, suppliers can easily get access to Japanese market through us.

Robust and sophisticated logistics system

In addition to strong marketing activity, another key strength is our logistics system. We understand that it is also very important for suppliers to make sure that products are rapidly delivered to customers without losing best quality. Our strengths on this issue are as follows:

  • Detailed discussion about shipping conditions in advance
  • Import procedures under controlled temperature conditions by our experienced forwarders
  • Our earthquake-proof logistics center compatible with various storage conditions
  • Visual inspection (product quantity, contents, damages, etc.)
If you are interested in Japanese life science market, we are happy to discuss the opportunity with you.
We will welcome your contact to us: develop@funakoshi.co.jp

NOTE: This webpage is in our export business website for customers outside Japan and shows only a small part of our product line-up.

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  • Please note that Product Information or Price may change without notice.