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You can immobilize any antibodies you want! Antibody Immobilization Bag

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When stimulating cells by antibodies, antibodies are immobilized on cell culture microplate. However, this method involves hard work if many cells are required to be stimulated on many microplates should be used.
This bag saves cost and time. Just put antibody solution, antibodies are immobilized on inside of the bag and after that, cells can be cultured in this closed bag system. The bag has excellent gas permeability; just place it in CO2 incubator.

NIPRO Antibody Immobilization Bag A


  • High gas permeability
  • High safety
  • High transparency
  • Needleless support
    Please use lock type syringe

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NIPRO's Antibody Immobilization Bag A Size
Bag inner dimension195×118 mm
Area when crumped
at bag crump 1
75 cm2/side
Area when crumped
at bag crump 2
150 cm2/side
Total area in bag225 cm2/side
Medium volume200 mL
Port (1)for sampling
Port (2)for filling or collecting antibody
Tube length: 80 mm
Port (3)for filling medium or collecting cells
Tube length: 200 mm
Port (1)for connecting culture bag
Tube: 200 mm

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Outline of Handling Procedure


① Antibody immobilization

  1. Close all crumps (3 places) and fill antibody solution through port (2)
  2. Place the bag at room temperature (> 24 hours) and immobilize inside the bag
  3. Release the clamp on port (2) and drain antibody solution, then seal the tube at two places

②Activation culture

  • Fill cell suspension and medium through port (3)

③Transfer to NIPRO cell culture bag (#87-302, #87-352)

  • When doing expansion culture after ②, connect needleless port of culture bag to port (4) of antibody immobilization bag and transfer cell suspension

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Product Information

[Date : May 30 2024 00:08]

Detail Product Name Product Code Supplier Size Price
Antibody Immobilization Bag A
87-362 KSKCell Science & Technology Institute, Inc. 5 sets $114

Storage CAS

[Date : May 30 2024 00:08]

Antibody Immobilization Bag A

  • Product Code: 87-362
  • Supplier: KSK
  • Size: 5sets
  • Price: $114

Storage CAS

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NIPRO Culture Bag

Cell culture bags with excellent gas permeability. Suitable for the culture of suspension cells such as lymphocytes and hybridomas.

nipro cell culture bag
NIPRO Cell Culture Bag

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