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96 well microplate for easy alignment of zebrafish ZF Plate

Date:February 24 2016Web Page No:80394

ZF Plate is 96 well plate for drug discovery screening by using zebrafish. You can easily align zebrafishes just put them into well and spin down.


  • Alignment rate : > 70%
  • Glass bottom plate makes compound screening more efficiently and quantitatively.
  • Quantitative Image Phenotype Analysis is possible by using High Contents Imaging System.
  • High S/N ratio analysis data is available by aligned zebrafish.

※This plate is disposable.
※Non –Autoclavable.

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Plate Size (mm) 127.76 (W) x 85.48 (L) x 14.35 (H)
Plate Material / Color Polystyrene / Black
Bottom Material / Thick (mm) Silica Glass / 0.72
Weight (g) Non-Cover :72
Temperature (℃) 0 - 40
Maximum loading amount per well (μl) 250
Sterilized / Unsterilized Unsterilized

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Product Overview

ZF Plate Product Overview

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Smaple :

  • Anesthetized zebrafish (young fish, 3 dpf – 6 dpf )

Required Instruments :

  • Microplate Centrifuge (With flashing function)
  • Micropipette (100 – 200 μL and 1 mL, each one)
  • Pipet tip (Wide mouth, low adsorption type recommended)

Protocol :

  1. Take zebra fish with anesthetic solution (75 μL) by micropipette and put them into well slowly.
  2. Flash the plate (200 - 250G) by Microplate Centrifuge.
  3. Monitor the plate by High Contents Imaging System.
  4. After monitoring, add adequate anesthetic solution and take zebrafish by micropipette.

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Example Data

ZF Plate Example Data

Fig. Monitoring by High Contents Imaging System
Left : General 96 well microplate.
Right : ZF Plate

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