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DNA Ligation Kit

Date:February 03 2016Web Page No:46126

Looking for best and economical DNA Ligation Kit?
BioDynamics Laboratory's DNA Ligation Kit is the only ANSWER!

BioDynamics Laboratory's DNA Ligation Kit ver.2 enables highly efficient ligation of cohesive end or blunt end DNA fragments within 5-30 minutes at 16°C to 25°C.
Simply ligation reaction can be started by adding 2 × Ligation Buffer and Ligase Mixture to a mixture of vector and insert DNA solution.
The ligation reaction mixture can be used directly for the transformation of chemical competent cells.

*This product has been featured in Nature Market Place.


  • High ligation efficiency.
  • Economical.
  • Short reaction time (16°C, 5 to 30 minutes).
  • Direct use for transformation after ligation reaction. Only deionized water is requied washing and destaining.

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How economical??

Kit Code Ligase mixture usage
0.25ul 0.5ul 1ul
DNA Ligation Kit, Ver.2, Mini DS105 40 rxns 20 rxns 10 rxns
DNA Ligation Kit, Ver.2 DS110 200 rxns 100 rxns 50 rxns
DNA Ligation Kit, Ver.2, Large DS115 1,000 rxns 500 rxns 250 rxns

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How efficient??

A blunt-ended 1 kb DNA fragment was ligated to the EcoRV cleaved, dephosphorylated pBluescript SK(+) according to the standard protocol using the Ligation Kit. Even if just 0.25 uL of Ligase Mix is used,BioDynamics's DNA Ligation Kit has enough and high efficiency compete with the efficiency of competitors' products.

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