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Funakoshi CRISPR Seminar

CRISPR技術と新型コロナウイルス(SARS-CoV-2,COVID-19)の研究について Synthego社バーチャル セミナー(ウェビナー)開催のお知らせ
Funakoshi CRISPR Seminar

掲載日情報:2020/05/15 現在Webページ番号:68996

Synthego社(メーカー略称:SGO)では 2020年5月27日午前10時~11時(日本時間)に無料のバーチャル セミナー(ウェビナー)を開催します。是非ご覧いただき,皆様の今後のご研究にお役立て下さい。

・演題:How CRISPR technologies are being applied to fight the COVID-19 pandemic
・演者:Kevin Holden, Ph.D., Head of Science at Synthego
・開催日:2020年5月27日(水)10:00~11:00 am(日本時間)

バーチャル セミナー(ウェビナー)の詳細はこちらSynthego社のFunakoshi CRISPR Seminar専用WEBサイトをご覧下さい。

バーチャル セミナー要旨

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an urgent response from the research and scientific community around the world. Researchers are hard at work to develop innovative tools that enable the rapid development of COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. CRISPR has been widely anticipated to revolutionize medicine with its precise genome editing capabilities, and now we are starting to see the deliverance of its promises in these testing times.

Synthego’s mission to accelerate research by providing access to essential genome engineering tools, reagents, and services to researchers worldwide. We are proud to support the fight against COVID-19 by utilizing our industrialized genome engineering factories to enable researchers to develop diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.


  • A short introduction to Synthego.
  • How the CRISPR technology is being utilized as a tool to help develop diagnostics and therapeutics for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How Synthego is supporting the effort to fight COVID-19 by utilizing our industrialized genome engineering factories to quickly and effectively translate the findings from recent SARS-CoV-2 reports into effective research tools.
  • How Synthego has engaged researchers working on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Collaboration tools Synthego has developed from this effort that may be useful for your own research efforts.