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ミトコンドリア阻害物質 Mitochondrial Inhibitors

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Cayman Chemical社のミトコンドリア阻害物質をご紹介します。

電子伝達系阻害物質<Electron Transport Chain Inhibitor>

品名 作用 商品コード
Atpenin A5 Selectively inhibits complex II respiratory enzymes (IC50 = 12 and 3.7 nM in nematode and mammalian mitochondria, respectively) 11898
FCCP Uncouples oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria, disrupting ATP synthesis by transporting protons across cell membranes 15218
HQNO Blocks mitochondrial complexes I and III; inhibits the activity of the NADH oxidase; inhibits NADH:ubiquinone-1 oxidoreductase activity; blocks proton channels needed to reduce oxygen 15159
Metformin(hydrochloride) A biguanide derivative that inhibits complex I of the mitochondrial respiratory-chain 13118
Piericidin A Irreversible inhibitor of mitochondrial complex I that strongly associates with ubiquinone binding sites in both mitochondrial and bacterial forms of the enzyme 15379
Rotenone Inhibits NAD-linked substrate oxidation of NADH dehydrogenase (EC50 = 10 pM), inhibiting the transfer of electrons from iron-sulfur centers in complex I to ubiquinone 13995


ATP合成阻害物質<ATP Synthase Inhibitor>

品名 作用 商品コード
Oligomycin A Inhibits the mitochondrial F1F0-ATP synthase 11342
Oligomycin B A nonselective inhibitor of ATP synthase 11343
Oligomycin Complex A mixture of Oligomycins A, B, and C 11341
Venturicidin A A macrolide antibiotic that inhibits bacterial and mitochondrial ATP synthases 15377



品名 作用 商品コード
CGP 37157 A selective inhibitor of the mitochondrial sodium-calcium exchanger (IC50 = 0.36 M in isolated mitochondria) 15611
Genipin Inhibits UCP2 activity 10010622
Mdivi 1 Selectively inhibits mitochondrial division by blocking dynamin GTPase activity in yeast (IC50= 1-10 M) and mammalian cells (IC50~50 M); prevents mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization 15559



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